How Can Flourish Finance Help Your Business?

Our proactive approach, and continual reviews of client performance, means that we constantly strive to identify areas in which we can add value to our clients.

Here are some examples (testimonials available on request):

IT Industry:

Onboarding – Directors’ Remuneration Review

  • Industry – IT
  • Turnover – £1.0m
  • We identified that the client had not been maximising their annual directors pension allowance.
  • This was addressed during our onboarding process – in which a deep dive into our clients’ businesses is conducted.
  • We presented the benefits of the allowance, and reviewed the cashflow position of the business, to ensure that the additional pension contributions could be funded.
  • Through utilising current and prior year allowances, the company was able to achieve an £8k corporation tax saving.

Recruitment Industry:

Onboarding – Cashflow Review

  • Industry – Recruitment
  • Turnover – £600k
  • During the initial review of our clients’ accounts, we analysed all loan documentation.
  • The business had sufficient cash resources to facilitate the early repayment of a CBILS loan.
  • The loan documentation was reviewed, and it was established that early repayment was possible.
  • Our client acted upon our suggestion and generated a £12k saving on CBILS loan interest, through early repayment.

IT Industry:

Interim Finance Director Support and Team Recruitment

  • Industry – IT
  • Turnover – £6.0m
  • Due to internal restructuring, our client required Finance Director support for a period of 18 months.
  • The interim support provided included full ownership of Company accounting function, and provision of financial oversight, through the delivery of a 3-, 5- and 10-year plan.
  • Our client needed an in-house Finance Director, we collaborated with a recruitment consultant to find them the perfect candidate.

IT Industry:

Prospective Business Sale

  • Industry – Digital
  • Turnover – £1.5m
  • Our client was looking at selling part of their business. We reviewed the performance of the potential disposal – based on our recommendations, the client decided to halt the disposal, and instead implement our suggest cost efficiencies, to drive a higher purchase price in the future.

Childcare Industry:

Revenue Stream Review

  • Industry – Childcare
  • Turnover – £600k
  • Our client was struggling with recruitment, and therefore in a position whereby they couldn’t grow revenue. We reviewed their current revenue model, and suggested changes which could be made. Upon implementation, our clients’ revenue increased, and the need for additional headcount was avoided.

Property & Construction Industry:

Historic Reconciliations

  • Industry – Property and Construction
  • Turnover – £3.0m
  • Our client had fallen behind with their book-keeping and their business was expanding rapidly. We quickly, and efficiently, reconciled hundreds of historic transactions and provided the shareholders with a clear picture of their financial position.