Your Dedicated

Accountancy Practice

Based in Lancashire and operating throughout the UK, we provide complete accountancy support to SMEs, from finance administration to finance director.

Fully tailored and bespoke – to suit the needs of your business.

Your Dedicated

Accountancy Practice

Based in Lancashire

Why Flourish Finance?

We work with growing SMEs providing key accounting insight, enabling your business to grow whilst ensuring optimal tax efficiency, compliance, and a solid accounting sounding board at every step of your journey.

Our growing team of finance professionals are based in Lancashire, and are always ready to hear from new clients and support existing ones.

Our Core Values


Delivering a FIRST-CLASS service to all clients, all the time.

As an outsourced team, it is vital that we maintain exceptional working relationships with our clients. We operate as though we are sat in the same room as our clients, by behaving in line with their internal workforce, and ensuring that all calls and emails are returned, same day. Guaranteeing to deliver our First-Class service.


A HAPPY team = a HAPPY workplace = HAPPY clients.

We reward our team through constant learning and progression – meaning that as Flourish Finance grows, our team can grow and flourish too. Our team thrives on the successes of our clients, and we celebrate their success as though they are our own.


Working as a collaborative team to deliver the BEST results for our clients.

As a small team we work together to ensure our clients receive the perfect service to meet their needs.

Learning Culture

Embrace the learning culture – if you don’t learn something new every day, how will you grow and FLOURISH?

Within the team, we promote both internal and external courses – all our team are qualified through ACCA or AAT, or are undergoing studies with these professional bodies. We also believe that workplace learning is vital; Stacie is committed to continually developing all members of the team, through personalised training plans – designed to align with external courses and our structure chart, providing continual opportunities for career progression.


Striving to break the stigma of accountants, through our HANDS-ON approach, allowing us to fully understand our clients’ needs.

We are far more than an ‘Accounting Practice’ – we immerse ourselves into our clients’ businesses. Through understanding the day-to-day functions, getting to know the teams, and identifying the business’ growth aspirations and future plans, we are able to assist in shaping the growth and development of our clients’ businesses.